Elaeagnus umbellata -- Autumn Olive

See also Elaeagnus angustifolia (Russian Olive)

Non-native* (Eastern Asia)

Other names:  Japanese Silverberry, Umbellate Oleaster, Spreading Oleaster, Autumn Elaeagnus

Photo by J.H. Young


E. angustifolia (Autumn Olive) is a closely related species that can be distinguished by the seeds, leaves and mature fruits. The seeds of E. angustifolia are slightly larger than the seeds of E. umbellata. E. angustifolia has pubescent leaves while the leaves of E. umbellata are glabrous. Mature fruits of E. umbellata are red; mature fruits of E. angustifolia are green (rarely red).

Seeds present in bird fecal samples at the Rouge River Bird Observatory, Dearborn, MI.

Fruit ripening dates: August through October

Seed dispersal dates: September through November


* Listed as invasive in natural areas by the Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States.

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