Malus spp. -- Crabapple

Native and Non-native*

Malus sp. [8]
Malus coronaria (Sweet crab, native) [1]

Malus ioensis (Prairie crab, native) [1]
Malus baccata* (Siberian Crab, non-native) [1]

Malus angustifolia (Southern crab, native to U.S., perhaps not in Michigan) [1]
Malus floribunda* (Japanese flowering crab, non-native) [1]
Malus ioensis, photo by Dan Mullen at Flickr under a
Creative Commons license

There are native and non-native Malus, but cannot be identified to species by seed alone. Species native to Michigan include M. coronaria and M. ioensis, while non-natives established in the state include M. baccata*, M. prunifolia*, and M. pumila*. Birds also consume planted ornamental crabs, such as M. floribunda*.

Seeds present in bird fecal samples at the Rouge River Bird Observatory, Dearborn, MI.


* Listed as invasive in natural areas by the Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States.

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